Dear Jazz Fans!


Hałda Jazz Festival returns to the stage of the Bogatynia Centre of Culture. This year, the 5th Hałda promises to be an exquisite artistic feast. This time we also have a surprise for our youngest guests.
On 14 December 2012, as part of the Festival, Children Jazz Workshops will take place. The project, prepared by Krzysztof Witkowski, combines musical education with fun and is addressed to pre-school pupils from the Bogatynia region – hopefully, the next generation of jazz fans. Perhaps we will discover some jazz talents during the workshops?

The 5th Hałda will also host film screenings. We hope that this form of artistic medium will allow us to show beautiful histories and human dilemmas against the jazz soundtrack.
Therefore, on the very same evening we invite a bit older audience to the Jazz Film Marathon, where the following famous movies will be presented: “Monolog trębacza” (music by Krzysztof Komeda-Trzciński), “Chico & Rita” (music by Bebo Valdes) and “Ray” (music by Ray Charles, Craig Armstrong and Stephen Altman).

The 2nd day of the Festival, December 15, will help us feel the real spirit of Christmas. The Saturday afternoon and evening will pass pleasantly with Christmas songs and carols spiced up with jazz. We are honoured to host at our Jazz Christmas Eve such vocal stars as Karen Carroll and Jacek Kotlarski, accompanied by P. Wojtasik (trumpet), T. Wendt (sax), M. Fic (trumpet), W. Pruszyński (piano), A. Florkowski (electric piano), P. Domagała (guitar), K. Witkowski (bass), K. Pełka (double bass), M. Lasota (percussion).

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, we are very happy to announce that Hałda Jazz Festival has begun cooperation with a gigantic partner, i.e. Oslo Jazz Festival. We do believe that the cooperation will give us a lot of inspiration and experience – this year’s idea to organise the Children Jazz Workshops is just the first of many steps. We will reach the youngest ones and educate them musically in order to see some day excellent musicians representing Bogatynia and Poland on stages worldwide.

We are convinced that the spirit of the coming Christmas and singing carols together during the concerts on December 15 will impart special glamour and unique atmosphere to this year’s edition of Hałda Jazz.

Let us not forget then, that the Festival will be held on December 14-15 at the stage of the Bogatynia Centre of Culture. The event is open for everyone, you only need to collect a free-of-charge festival pass in the Bogatynia Centre of Culture.

The Festival is organised by the Green Foundation of Music and Therapy Promotion, established by Krzysztof Witkowski to organise and support music projects. The Festival is co-financed by the local governments of Bogatynia and dolnośląskie province.